3 Simple Ways to 3-4X your Facebook results by using Ad Copy

Here's one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make when they first start running ads online: 

They focus and waste waayyy too much time and money on the non-trivial and technical elements of a campaign. 

What ad layout should I use....Where should I place my ad... Is Facebook Feed better than Instagram Feed...?

Now, don't get me wrong, these are all important ingredients of a successful campaign.

But at the end of the day, none of these things matter if you don't get this ONE thing right, and that is: 

Writing GOOD ad copy

Ad Copy that compels your audience to take action. Ad Copy that gets CONVERSIONS. 

Unfortunately, this goes over the heads of most businesses running ads.

You need not look further than your Facebook or Insta feed (or take a quick peak at your competitors ads in Ads Library) to face the ugly truth: 

Most copy out there is very POOR

"water, dust, hurricane resistant, 752 hour battery life, available in 9742 colours. Buy it today at an incredible 73% OFF, $1478 + Free shipping" Seen it before?

With copy like that... No wonder most businesses struggle with conversions on Facebook. 

But why exactly is good copy so vital to marketing success?

It comes down to this: As advertisers, we have to understand that before we put out an ad, we're already fighting a losing battle. 

As consumers scroll through their feed, there's SOO much going on. Pictures of their friends and family, grandma's new cat, weird TikTok compilations... the list goes on.

So many distractions, so many things competing for their attention. 

As they scroll, we'll have less than a second to grab their attention, and if your copy doesn't hook them in, then they'll scroll right past you. 

And if they scroll right past you... well, you guessed it, no sales for you. 

For many years now, my team and I have gone through 1000s of copy styles and variations, new angles and takes, and have distilled the art of compelling copy to 3 core principles. These have been battle-tested to churn out a consistent 2X+ ROI for our clients:

1. Benefits over Features, ALWAYS

Here's a quote that I always keep in the back of my mind when writing copy: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole”

Hole > Drill. Benefit > Feature.

If you're making this mistake, I don't blame you. How can you not!

You've worked hard on all those incredible features for your new product, it's truly a step above all your competitors. 

But... people don't care about your product or its features, and why should they?

They only care about how your product and all those features are going to change THEIR life and help them feel better. 

So make it about THEM

A strategy you can use for this is what we call the 'SO THAT' method. 

Every time you mention a feature, add 'so that' at the end of that sentence. This will ensure you're always queuing in the benefit. 

For example: 

"24-hour battery life SO THAT you never have to worry about your headphones running out half way through your favourite song."

Spot the difference? 

It's drastic in sales too!

2. Know your audience & get specific

Sounds cliché, but before every ad you launch, every post you write, every video you shoot, every piece of content you create you NEED to define your target market. 

You need to know EXACTLY who that content is for and why they'd care about it... otherwise no one is going to. 

Remember, you're competing for attention against a BILLION other things. 

For them to pay attention to you, you have to speak directly to THEM. 

Speak their language, talk about the thing THEY care about and add value to THEM.

That's how you'll get your ad copy read and how you'll get them to take action. 

3. Clear Call-to-Action

Your average internet user is very easily distracted. 

You want to reduce friction and possible confusion as much as possible. 

Don't try to sell them 1 million different products when they haven't even bought one from you yet.

Define the ONE offer you're selling, design ONE Call-to-Action around it, and add it at the end of your copy. 

And that's a wrap! Those are the 3 core guiding principles my team and I use to increase conversions with, and not limited to, Facebook Ads.

In fact, these are copywriting principles you can implement outside your marketing too. 

The key take away is this: your prospect will always be asking 'what's in it for me?'

The way you get them to take action is by being benefit-driven, speaking to them directly, and clearly asking them what to do with a clear CTA.

Speaking of CTAs...

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