How to Prepare for Black Friday so It's Your Biggest One Yet (3-step process)

Exciting times...

Black Friday is just around the corner.

This is always an extremely busy period for our team, as I'm sure is for you too, but there's truly none more exciting!

Here are a few facts from Black Friday 2018:

  • Shoppers spent $717.5 billion.

  • Ecommerce sales soared 16.7% from previous year.

  • 55% of consumers visited a store (offline and online). 

It seems like this year, all these figures are predicted to increase... 

It's a huge opportunity for businesses of ALL sizes to capitalise on the frenzy and generate a huge boost in sales. 

And when there's a big opportunity out there, we want to make sure we squeeze every ounce of benefit and fully capitalise on it - I'm guessing you probably feel the same way. 

That's why today we want to share with you 3 essential tips you can implement NOW, before the frenzy, to maximise your Black Friday sales and hit a home-run like never before. 

At this point, my team and I have run Black Friday campaigns for hundreds of clients over the years. We have experimented with thousands of variables, and what we can safely tell you is that there's nothing that beats incredible PLANNING

You can have the best servers in the world, the best ads running and the most irresistible offers ON Black Friday, but if you haven't put in the work before hand, you'll severely be cutting yourself short. 

Without further ado, here are the 3 strategies to implement BEFORE Black Friday to make sure it's your best one yet: 

1. Get People Excited Before Hand

For us and our clients, a strong early awareness campaign has always been the biggest indicator of an extremely successful Black Friday. 

Here's the problem with Black Friday - EVERYONE is jumping on it. Nowadays, the odd ones out are the businesses that don't (and there's not many)

This means there's a lot of noise. Your customers are going to be bombarded with deals that they are interested in. But they face three limitations: time, attention and budget.

By creating buzz, hype and excitement before hand, and by consistently staying in front of them, you'll ensure you get their time, attention and a fraction of their budget when the times comes.

The best way to do this is by creating eye-catching brand-congruent and Black Friday-specific content. Create a promotional content calendar (in our experience, the app Gain is the easiest way to do so) and start rolling out the content 10-15 days prior (so now). That way you'll be the first brand they'll think of on the big day.

This task has never been easier with platforms like Promo, who literally give you Black Friday templates to work with - not having a content person is no excuse now.

The next step is turbocharging this with effective awareness advertising. 

2. Double down on advertising efforts

The cost per click (CPC) will be much higher than usual on Black Friday, but justified by the massive return on Black Friday sales. 

You want to begin increasing the ad spend a few days out from Black Friday. You don't need to be driving traffic to the sale yet - in fact it's best if you don't. 

This will also give the ad enough time to optimise for conversions and allow you to tweak, adjust and scale along the way before the big day. 

Run Black Friday-sale awareness campaigns to retargeting audiences (people that already know about the brand). 

And brand awareness campaigns, for example promoting your newsletter, to cold audiences (people that have never heard of you). 

The key to getting the highest return on these big dates is to attract as many engagers with your brand prior to Black Friday at a lower cost, and then have retargeting ads (which are always cheaper than cold) drive people to the sale on the day.

You can expect to see a 10-20X ROAS with this strategy if done well.

And if you want to see cheaper conversions and massive sales, you're also going to want to capitalise on your email marketing. 

3. Optimise your email strategy in advance

According to Custora. over 25% of Black Friday sales start with email marketing. 

You won't be pushing your highest quality campaigns if you don't start in advance though - good email marketing requires time. 

Ideally you want to be sending out 3-5 emails the week prior to Black Friday and push out two emails a day, starting Black Friday and going onto Cyber Monday.

You might think that's a crazy amount but remember: people are in the mood to buy. If you make your emails creative and they add value, you'll see incredible returns.

Oh, and don't forget to optimise your abandoned cart email series and personalise them for those dates.

Lastly, you want to segment your audiences (new customers VS VIP customers VS one-time customers etc) and personalise their Black Friday deals. 63% of shoppers expect their purchase history to guide personalised experience from brands - it will translate into higher conversions and happier customers. You want to do the same with your online advertising to make sure the right offer is reaching the right person.

You can easily create high-converting sequences and segments with softwares like Klaviyo (in our experience, by far the best out there)

So those are the 3 most essential strategies to implement before Black Friday to boost sales.

Here's a summary: 

  • Get your marketing materials and assets in place well in advance (and ideally plan them out using a content planner)

  • Double down on advertising and start early. Your costs will be lower and you'll reap cheaper conversions when retargeting past engagers on the big day. 

  • Create your email sequences for Black Friday now and segment your audiences to personalise your customers' experience.  Hope these were of value!

If you want our team to take a look at your current Black Friday strategy, we are offering a free one-time 20-min consulting call (valued at $297) - limited to four spots only. You can book a place here (subject to availability).