Low Customer Feedback Score? Banned from Facebook Ads? Understanding Facebook Feedback Dashboard

Masks off... Costumers gone... Pumpkins torn... Any sign of Halloween is well past us now.

But for many entrepreneurs, advertisers and marketers out there, it's one they will never forget though.

It was especially scary... and its victims are many. The smell of the aftermath still lingers in the air, deadly...

Okay that's enough shocking poetry for today haha. What are we talking about here?

Facebook's recent ruthless Purge act.

You may not know this but Facebook has been conducting a full-blow attack on advertisers of its platform.

Big spenders & players, new users, fan pages, personal account, ad accounts - Facebook is cracking down on ANY and ALL non-compliant accounts and 'purging' the naughty actors.

Many advertisers out there have suffered this fate... and many more will.

No stopping Facebook now! 

But HOW exactly does Facebook do this?

As of recent, every time a new customer makes a purchase from your brand directly from a Facebook Ad, Facebook posts a notification on their account, asking them how satisfied they are with you through a survey.

Source: Facebook.com

They base it on five main areas (all out of 100): 

1. Product Quality - is it what you'd expect for the price you paid and what the brand claims it to be? 2. Delivery - received what you paid for or not? 3. Customer service 4. Delivery speed - met their promises? 5. Others

Then you get a score from 0 (ban) to 5 (great), which shows up on your Facebook Feedback Dashboard. It looks something like this (this is a sample from Facebook):

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Anything below 3 and they are actively charging you more to reach your potential customers AND restricting your ability to reach them. Not good!

Anything below 1, and Facebook will flat-out ban the account. No warnings!

During the past few days I've seen a lot of advertisers complain about how low their score is (most are), and spotted quite a few flat-out bans here and there. 

This should be no surprise though.

Facebook optimises for user experience and having a bad shopping experience isn't good for anyone. With the spotlight on them, there's nothing they want less of right now. 

This might be tough news for most people... After all, many naughty actors have built huge empires on the back of just Facebook Ads.

But truth is, I'm super excited!

FINALLY, Facebook is cleansing the waters of its filth, filtering out all toxicity, and by doing so, leaving a crystal-clear blue ocean for good businesses and partners who are doing things right to see immense success.

Focusing on creating amazing products and having a kick-ass customer experience will FINALLY correlate to strong(er) ad performance. 

It's great news - Facebook is handing you potential customers your competitors can't even target (because they are banned) at a fraction of the price they are paying for it (if they're not banned already). 

And word on the street is, this customer satisfaction ads feedback mechanism has been so successful that Google & YouTube ads are jumping on it.

Expect this to be an industry-norm in the upcoming months.

So THIS - having incredible customer satisfaction - is going to be the biggest leverage of every PPC campaign in 2020-onwards (and the exciting rest of Q4). 

Long gone are the days of marketing >>> product.

Having incredible customer satisfaction is the biggest leverage to grow aggressively and get ahead of the competition. If you don't, you won't survive.

And THAT - that is great news for good actors. 

In a nutshell, this year's Halloween was great.

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