The Facebook Ads Trojan Horse strategy - the key to 2X+ ROAS. Here's how to use it

The marketing strategy that I'm about to share with you today might go against everything you have been told about "internet marketing"...

It will probably even go against everything you have seen to be "internet marketing"...

In fact, it's not even an "internet marketing" strategy.

It's simply a good marketing strategy applied to the internet. Most are (this is the most important thing you need to understand to be successful online - I'll let it sink in...)

It's a strategy that cuts through the clutter and the widespread epidemic of low-converting ads. 

One that gets you noticed.. gets you read.. ands gets more sales!

Before I dive straight into it and hand you the key, let's have a quick chat about the current landscape of online advertising sphere. We'll reverse engineer from there. 

We both know this - from the time you woke up today to the time you snug in bed and call it a day, you are going to be bombarded with all different types of marketing messages. 

Some at plain sight, some more hidden in the form of your favourite Netflix show or influencer's new Insta post.

The truth is advertising is everywhere and there's simply no hiding. 

The consequence?

The plethora of options and choices have made it harder for us to make decisions (this is called the Paradox of Choice).

As a result, when we see an ad, we are prone to shut down and buy as little as we possibly can.

As consumers, we have become desensitised and have erected HUGE walls and gates to protect ourselves from advertising and marketing messages of ANY kind. 

And as marketers and entrepreneurs, this is no bueno

Especially, because, if you have a product & service that benefits the lives of people, they are truly worse off for not buying it. 

Okay so now we know what customers don't want to see (Advertising) but we both know marketing is the way to grow your business and get an influx of new customers, so what do we do?

We find a way to infiltrate the gates unimpeded for long enough that your prospect's interest builds up in the value you offer. 

You might be familiar with the ancient story of the Trojan Horse?

Long story short, following a 10-year siege of the city of Troy, and in what seemed like a truce, the Greeks left a giant wooden horse as a 'gift' outside the gates of Troy. 

Sensing no danger, the citizens of Troy brought the horse into the city. Little did they know that, inside the horse, a small group of Greek soldiers awaited, patiently, to come out that same night, and let the rest of the Greek army through the city's gates. 

The Greeks barged in and destroyed the city of Troy, ending the war. 

The Trojan Horse

Quite the violent metaphor... but it drives the point home perfectly: if you want your advertising to stick, you have to first infiltrate your prospect's walls by NOT looking like an ad.

You have to become a 'Trojan Horse ad'.

Here are some of the key elements of a successful Trojan Horse ad we use ourselves and for our clients: 

1. Ad copy: 

Grabs attention with a hook & tells a story - a good story gets people reading! Draw inspiration from your 'Our Story/About us' section and humanise your copy.

Longer form - you want to go against what everyone is doing.

And yes, if captivating, people will read your copy.Delivers value - if you can not only entertain but also teach your prospect something new, they'll realise you're someone who has their best interests at heart and the Law of Reciprocity will play in your favour.

Hide the 'advertising' bit, and only go for the Call to Action, at the very end, once they are bought in.

2. Content: 

Raw & unfiltered photos - go on your personal Facebook/Insta Feed and check out your latest friends' posts.

What do you see? Nothing too professional, and most importantly, humans!

Prospects will scroll right past 'Stocky' & product images. 

See how different this is from the typical '3 line Buy-this buy-that stock picture' ad that most businesses run and that most people run away from? 

Or if those are too many bullet points, take this one thing away: go and look at your competitors' ads and do everything you can to NOT look like them. Counterintuitive?

It works - we see it day in and day out with our clients. 

Not only will this strategy work to infiltrate the gates and get your prospects' attention, but you will also get a higher response. 

And higher response = more customers.

Try the Trojan Horse strategy this week and let me know how it goes. 

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